The sexiest man alive. If there is a God, he is God's gift to women. Definately the greastest kisser on the planet. A night spent with him will always be the greatest night of your life. He is said to know the contours of a womans body better than she does. *WARNING* Simply making eye contact with him may result in an orgasm on spot that's how amazing he is. If you have him, never let go.
"Have you seen Earl and his girlfriend? Damn she is the luckiest girl in the world."
by wintersolstice November 11, 2008
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The hood slang word for "oil".
"Hey, can I get an earl change?" "My car needs some earl"
by Earlchange January 08, 2014
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Earl is an English title given to noble men. An earl is above a viscount and below a Marquis
The young Earl has ordered his servants to dispose of the old rug.
by Param2002 July 30, 2015
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An Earl is a statue of a GOLDEN yet ashy prickled dick, with fangs in its pee hole. The Earl comes to life every time an innocent lady is near by.
by NUNYABIDNESS April 12, 2019
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