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A human being who has no purpose in life but to consume food and energy and produce nothing but excrement and trash.

A truely useless human being.

A waste of space and air.

One who contributes nothing to humanity.
"Some people think that the beggar on the street is the entropist. Really, it's the guy who has no job, lives by himself and spends his time keeping himself amused. He'll walk right past the beggar and into a 7-eleven. He thinks his change is better spent on a week old hotdog."

"Human beings are entropists by nature, but very few truely make life on Earth better."
by adumb April 09, 2006
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A pseudo-religious or philosophical movement with modern roots, in recognition of the fact that the universe has ever increasing randomness. Entropists advocate a life of agility and flexibility. An Entropist cultivates mobility, creativity, meditation, perceptiveness, and personal freedoms. These traits are focused in order to bring prosperity from change.

A more complete description of Entropist philosophy may be found at <>
Being an Entropist, he sold scrap lumber for firewood after a tornado leveled his hometown. Then he used the proceeds to construct a temporary homeless shelter. His career went off-track but the results were beneficial to everyone employed or housed by the project.
by gorynel August 31, 2010
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