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an album by Axl Rose and a bunch of hired goons that he has been working on for the better part of a decade. it may or may not see the light of day.
Knowing Axl, I'll probably be dead before Chinese Democracy comes out.
by acb March 18, 2006
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A president who actually has the balls to make an effort to change the world, get rid of terrorism, rebuild the Gulf Coast, improve the economy, cut taxes, lower unemployment, promote faith-based initiatives, hold educators accountable, cut down on abortions, and sustain the right of the American people to use firearms. Non-voters, communists, liberals, sheep, and people with IQs lower than 100 get satisfaction out of saying things like he looks like a monkey, is stupid, and blame him for high gas prices and acts of nature. Yet the voting public will continue to vote in Republicans because Republicans are ethical, optimistic, belive in freedom, and actually make progress while in office, instead of the Democrats who are famous for being corrupt, initiating military drafts, raising taxes and pouring it into stupid healthcare and welfare programs that don't do shit, getting blow jobs from interns, and launching random cruise missiles.
George W. Bush deserves a 3rd term, so we can continue to spread freedom, a free market economy, and Christianity around the world.
by acb September 19, 2006
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Fake LIDAR. Simulated LIDAR often for the purposes of test or demonstration.
Real LIDAR costs to much, just FIDAR it.
by acb July 13, 2015
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A sparsely populated area, that is currently making the transition from rural to suburban, located usually on the fringes of a metropolitan area. Often times, it may be populated by wealthy estates, hobby farms, as well as existing rural towns, and usually with larger, more-mainstream suburban development on the brink of happening.
That exurb is growing so fast that the town can barely keep up the services to allow it to function.
by acb November 15, 2005
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A modern, suburban area that acts as a central business district, since it contains lots of office buildings & jobs, malls & shopping centers, cultural and entertainment offerings, and major transportation corridors. The term was coined by Joel Garreau in his 1990 book of the same name.
Edge city examples include Schaumburg IL, Buckhead GA, Tysons Corner VA, Bloomington MN, Arlington TX, Plano TX, The Woodlands TX, Southfield MI, Bridgewater NJ, Rye-Purchase NY, Framingham MA, Bellevue WA, Silicon Valley CA, Aurora CO, Anaheim CA, Ontario CA, Glendale AZ, King of Prussia PA, Maryland Heights MO, Gaithersburg MD, etc.
by acb February 20, 2007
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Among the Top 10 largest malls in North America. Woodfield Mall is located in Schaumburg, IL and is a focal point for activity in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. It's not just any mall, since most people mention it by name rather than "the mall."
Hey, I'm probably gonna go to Woodfield tonight...you wanna go with?
by acb November 15, 2005
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