The right given to Americans to own firearms for hunting, sports shooting, self protection and to defend against tyranny both foreign and domestic.

America came to being when our forefathers sailed across the ocean to escape their OWN countries religious persecution of them for being Puritans, so they knew a thing about how their own birth country can turn to tyrannical ideals, this became even more evident when the British attacked. During the early war for independence, which was thrust upon early America, many soldiers had to use their own guns from home due to the fact that gun production couldn't keep up with the demand, which without guns being so widespread, the war would not have gone in Americas favor.

After being freed from British control, it was evident that if this nation was to become a shinning beacon to all those wishing to be free, not only would its citizens need to be ready for another attack from a foreign power, but also be vigilant of corruption in their own country and have the means to fix said corruption by their own hands. Thus, the bill of rights was enacted.
Ukrainian Citizen: "I sure wish we'd had a 2nd Amendment like those Americans have before Putin attacked us, then we'd wouldn't have this weapons shortage. At least we can have guns now."
by CriticalThinkerUSA July 3, 2022
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The only failsafe against government tyranny that democrats are trying desperately to get rid off.
The 2nd Amendment grants the American people the right to keep and bare arms to fight against tyrannical government.
by cloneforce99 July 3, 2021
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The right of militia. But nobody cares about that, It's all about the right to keep and bear arms.
Guy #1 - I have a 2nd amendment.

Guy #2 - Yes
by Yes Man Jr December 10, 2020
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If you need and don't have it, you better start singing a different tune.
The 2nd amendment should be repealed in America, until major social unrest occurs, and we need it again.
by stainless67 February 25, 2022
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The Neo-Constitution, 2nd Amendment

"A well regulated citizenry, being necessary to the security of a slave state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall be infringed."

It was written at the start of the Great Upheaval. It was intended to protect the state from terrorists.
The Neo-Constitution, 2nd Amendment has totally transformed liberty into slavery.
by 2B+ June 7, 2022
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To use free speech suppression on people that don't conform to Fringe Gun nut ideals and/or view points on the internet.
Such acts include

-Harassing bloggers in the comments sections with nasty remarks
-vote gaming on news sharing sites like reddit
-attacking anyone that dares question Gunnut logic
-Doxxing people that don't agree with the Gun Nut view point
Not like what they saw the arm chair 2nd amendment crowd commenced 2nd Amending the 1st Amendment to silence critics on news sites
by Libertatis November 2, 2013
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