Many people love him, others hate him. Axl is a controversial person. He is known as the rocker who is always late.
Axl has talent.
Axl is the best!!!!!
by Mar September 2, 2004
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The most beautiful boy in all of history and he may never be toped๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
Axl: hello
You:oh hey Axl I heard you where the best in all the land

Axl: no response
by Uglyredheadtellguy November 17, 2017
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The best looking guitarist who constantly pulls chicks with ease. Anyone with the name Axl is able to conquer the music industry. His band will be known as the next Guns n' Roses just like Greta Van Fleet is known as the next Led Zeppelin. You either love him or you hate him. He is known as an amazing guitar player and can pull off some mad solos. You WILL see him on the news and you WILL see him pull off an incredible guitar solo in front of thousands of people. You may be thinking of Axl Rose, he's not Axl Rose but he was named after Axl Rose.
Are you gonna see Axl play tonight? I can't wait to see him pull off an awesome guitar solo
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Axl is the most himbo guy you'll ever meet. He's funny and loves hugs. Great at making people laugh. Always there, at the best and worst times. Will defend you to the death. Future girl dad. Anyone with an Axl in their life is extremely lucky.
Austin: "Who's that guy in the yearbook as best girl dad?"

Santiago: "That's my old buddy Axl."
by ur_mom_lmao February 12, 2023
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Axl- a person in a band who takes over everything and think he or she is larger then life. Not to mention he or she tries to run and whatever this person says goes or this person goes.
Axl- you guys are going to sign over the name Guns n Roses to me or I will quit this band and start a new one called "Axl is god" mwahaha!
Th Rest of Guns n Roses- yes master we will obey.
by Randomness Kidnesss July 12, 2004
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Axl Rose- The reason why Guns n Roses broke up. He knows how to split up bands. HE always has to get his way. Great singer/songwriter but then it comes to friends and bandmates he sucks. He blames other people for how Guns n Roses broke up and also how his new cd is taking forever to be out in stores. I think the old Guns n Roses should meet up and talk about why Guns n Roses really split up. Since this is Axl we're talking about like usual he is gonna cancel it like he did with all of his shows with the new Guns n Roses.
Lamar-Dude my bandmate is acting like a total Axl.
Agnus-If I were you I would totally quit your band before you guys get big and have to do everything "Axl" says.
by Randomness Kidness July 12, 2004
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First name of lead singer for "Guns N' Roses", Axl Rose.

Slang for oral sex because "Axl Rose" rearranged can become "Oral Sex"
Hello my name is Axl Rose. I enjoy Axl Rose while looking at Axl Rose and listening to Axl Rose.

Interpret that how you wish.
by Ace Mulato October 9, 2005
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