Northern Illinois University, the 2nd largest institution of higher education in the state of Illinois.
NIU football rocks!
I'm going to go see my buddy at NIU this week.
by acb November 16, 2005
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an acronym for "Nigga is you serious?" It's a saying or a look you get when someone says something incredibly stupid or asinine. Something that make you wonder if their brain functions normally. Maybe they have a baby's brain.
Man #1: Yall ready to hit the club?
Man #2: Yeah dog, let's roll, tell your brother to come on.
Man #3: (walks out with a FUBU shirt on)
Man#1: NIUS!!!! We are leaving without you.
by mrholloway December 13, 2009
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SUPER MAGNETIC NIU-NIU (aka Neo), star of the Dreamcast game of the same name.

Also apparently some guy on the SA forums who was apparently banned by Captain Rectum Licker. I mean, Lowtax.
FYI: Lowtax is a closet scientologist.
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The word "niu" is similar to "no" and

That word makes "no" sound nicer, which is good.

In short, it's a cute refusal or simply a cute answer.
-will you be jealous if I'll come back early in the morning?
-niu, I won't
by Dinonuggetsbish December 29, 2021
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A word to descibe the fact that Gerard Way (MCR) is a genius when it comes to lyric writing, artwork, or what-fucking-ever.
OMG what meaningful lyrics! Whoever wrote that is a

Gee-nius...oh yeah, that's who....
by Killjoy7593 January 6, 2011
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A person with inexplicably good taste in vision correction apparatuses.
"Xin Niu, I like your glasses."
by 2dara June 16, 2013
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A cross between penis and vagina, can be used with trans, bi, pan whatever the fuck gender u is
That man says he has a" Va-nius" in the bakery section.
by Bowl O Ricce March 6, 2017
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