A promise, often made more than once over an extended period of time, which the person is either unwilling or unable to keep.

The phrase originated in November of 1999 when Axl Rose's manager first officially announced the title of the next Guns N' Roses album, expected to release sometime the following year (2000). The album was not released in 2000, but the promise to release it "next year" was repeated then, as it has been subsequently repeated every year since, without result.

By 2003 the title had become a joke in itself. That year punk band The Offspring announced they would be using the title for their own upcoming album; a sort of protest against Axl's endless delays, which was commonly interpreted as a statement of "you snooze, you lose," although none of the band members or their representatives ever turned that particular phrase. After being served with a Cease-And-Desist Order from Axl's attorneys, the band released the album as Splinter.

Chinese Democracy, should it ever actually be released, would be the first album from Guns N' Roses since their 1991 release of Use Your Illusion 1 and Use Your Illusion 2, although many fans claim it would not actually be a Guns N' Roses album despite the use of the name because Axl Rose is the only original member still in the band.
After she caught Tom in bed with another woman for the second time, he swore he would never cheat again, but Lisa realized it was just Chinese Democracy and kicked his ass to the curb.

Danny's father (not-so-affectionately known as 'the drunk') swore up and down that he wouldn't miss Danny's last baseball game of the season like he had missed all the others, but even at ten years old Danny was sharp enough to realize it was just Chinese Democracy, and his father would not be there.

"I've had enough of your Chinese Democracy! You're never going to do it, so stop promising that you will!"
by IRONSWORD1 June 13, 2006
A task that is never completed but is worked on for an eternity
damn you know that album that Axle Rose has been working on for the past 12 years, its a fuckin Chinese Democracy
by (=$eth=) October 12, 2008
A synonym for something that is anticipated and anticipated for years to come, then finally when it comes out, people become ecstatic but then are disappointed when they find out they were waiting years and years for something that is complete shit.
I waited forever to graduate, but after I left school and ended up at a dead-end job flipping hamburgers to pay the rent of a small Detroit apartment infested with fleas, I realized graduation was just Chinese Democracy.
by Dr. Dick E May 12, 2009
Billy: "Hey man Chinese Democracy finally came out after 10 years"

Jimmy: "You're such a retard China is a communist nation"
by Goose B July 7, 2009
The Guns N' Roses album that Axl Rose promised & DELIVERED on November 23,2008. This day will go down in history. The prayers of all GNR fans were answered with this masterpiece of an album
Finally, the world has Chinese Democracy
by Island girl08 December 24, 2008
Something that the world needs that's decades overdue and would be fucking awesome should it ever happen...but probably wont due various reasons. Examples include:

1. DUH! Democracy in Red China. Every time they seem to make progress, shit like big mama(commie internet censorship system) and tienamen square happen.

2. That one Eponymous Guns N' Roses album that Axl has been working on for like twenty years.

In hindsight, probably the absolute most (unintentionally?) genius album title ever.
What do ya figure will happen first? Actual chinese democracy or a new GNR album?
by gooberliberation September 8, 2006
Man everything that JLS do is very chinese democracy.

All chavs listen to is Crappy Chinese Democracy
by Mr. Grape February 13, 2010