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(pn); Patriotic, and loyal scene hipster, with a sharp tounge, and a feverish hatred of the narrow minded.
See Also: Erstwhile Pretty Boy.
"Some tool was acting the fool, and Stratohead came along and pimp slapped the taste right of out of the mullets mouth."
by a fan September 26, 2003
A word used to describe Christopher; a word of art, used to capture all the great things in the world into one word even though it comes up short in describing him.
Chris H is optralessecent.
by a fan March 7, 2004
Art Of Noise were a brilliant group of musicians who made music from sampled sounds stored on their Fairlight sampler. Couple that with some synthesizers and a simmons electronic drum kit and the genius of J.J Jezalik and Anne Dudley, then you have the best sound your ears will ever experience.
In No Sense, Nonsense and The Seduction Of Claude Debussey are my favourite Art Of Noise Albums
by a fan February 26, 2005
A name that once had some value, it was the name of the Russian Elite Forces. After the falling of the Berlin-wall and the collapse off USSR it lost it flame.
A butthole used it as his nickname for a game called Ravenshield
a butthole with an age that is not allowed ot buy beer
by a fan May 21, 2004
someone whos fucked in the head because he was fucked in the ass by his sister with borrowed Dildo from the CCI Fetish-boyz
by a fan May 21, 2004
the greatest musician of all time. He was the lead singer of the greatest band ever(Nirvana), and he will truly be missed. Kurt, where ever you are now, you are still loved by millions...
by a fan March 22, 2003
a brilliant fellow. wise, with a sparky sense of humor. and good looking.
"yes virginia, i pine for a zmanzero too..."
by a fan April 14, 2005