steph, amit, ben and mitch are ...INTERPOSE!!!!
Mitch is a kind of psycho rich boy who’s amazing at drums. He's by far the best musician in our band and that almost makes up for the complete lack of social skills. Almost being the operative word there. He does have an unfair advantage since he’s been playing the drums for like 6 years AND he actually takes lessons. He Famously got thrown out of JP Morgan on work experience for 'pleasuring himself in the boardroom'. I mean for christ sake. The boardroom?? Why??? He is currently out on bail. He also fainted, woke up by banging his head on a pipe and then fainted again while landing in a bin. The CCTV footage was hilarious. We would have sold it to You’ve Been Framed but we know for a fact that Lisa Riley eats all the tapes. Either that or Dr Atkins was playing a really cruel joke on her. For more Mitch related insults please go to
Ben. Well Ben has had an electric guitar for about 6 months and he’s already way better than me. Which is annoying. But its cos he listens to music which involves talent. The problem with that is that he feels the need to end every song with a mini solo, followed by a drum roll from Mitch and then another solo. Its a miracle we've gone this far without bashing their heads in with the golf clubs. Or the gas canister. Or the gold plated microphone stand. Ben has also performed the miraculous act of wearing the same clothes every day for the last 5 years. I'm not even joking. Lets just say personal hygiene isn’t his strongpoint.
Steph probably has a serious mental condition. She is known to randomly run off and jump on stuff while scaring innocent members of the general public. She causes car crashes by waving at motorists and buys alcohol for little kids. Well attempts to anyway.
by a fan December 6, 2004
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