The coolest fucking sheep you'll ever meet.
Guy 1: yo, have you seen Claude?

Guy 2: Yeah, he's the plushiest mother fucker I know.
by maddndbythestars March 30, 2009
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French name, now given to children destined to be cool. Roots go back to Roman times. Claudius was a Roman emperor.
Claude needs to be here, now!
by chi-town-ninja July 06, 2010
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Spoilers follow:
In the popular video game GTA San Andreas, Claude is a character that shows up early mid game and takes Catalina away to Liberty City, much to the relief of the main character, Carl "CJ" Johnson. Claude never speaks, but may look familiar to fans of the GTA series. What isn't mentioned is that Claude is actually the main character from GTA3, who is never named and never speaks in that game. It also means San Andreas is something of a prequel to GTA3, as Catalina betrays Claude at the beginning of GTA3, and is eventually killed by Claude at the end of that game.
Claude took Catalina away to Liberty city only to have her shoot him and leave him for dead. He took his revenge, though, by blowing her helicopter out of the sky.
by MITB June 30, 2006
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Lame ass pedophile trash can. Works for that hoe, Alois Trancy. Can tap dance. Wants my soul. Is a lame ass demon bitch.
Ciel:"Claude is a lame spider bitch....."
Sebastian:"Agreed, Young Master!"
by xXCielXx December 09, 2016
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