A person who is only there for show but not really a good person or friend
I had a ticket I forgot about, so when I got pulled over, they took me in. I called Jeff to bail me out, gold plated fucker didn't. I just got out today.
by Polluter1 May 20, 2018
Common use: Covered with a thin layer of gold, a precious metal often used in jewelry.

Slang: Genuine and true, but not in a good way. The mock formality alludes to a professional judgment.
1. Yeah, I know him. He's a gold-plated prick.

2. My car just broke down. I swear that thing is a gold-plated piece of shit.

3. My boss is ok, but his boss is a gold-plated asshole.
by Kevin The Nerd August 15, 2009
A term used to describe something as excellent. When referencing a person, however, it means the opposite i.e. they are a knob. Best said with the deepest voice possible.
Chris: Friday and Saturday night at Nelly's was "Gold-Plated".

Karl: Yeah, although I must excuse myself for being "Gold-Plated" when i got locked out of my room on friday night.
by ChrisXL August 21, 2005
When a man pisses inside a woman's vagina for sexual pleasure. Earth shattering orgasms ensue.
Many men think it is impossible to pee with a hard on, but this is simply untrue.
Johnny Gold Plated me in the shower last night. I've never had such an intense orgasm in my whole life!
by goldplated October 29, 2015
Have done to you what you would have done to others.

This rule explains how you should only support what you would want to be done to you in the same situation. For example: only support the limiting of speech if you want your speech to be limited.
The Gold-Plated Rule would posit that those who get others banned from social media will be banned from social media.
by The Tastiest July 25, 2019
(1) special duds awarded by Bruce Dickinson symbolizing one's ascension to Awesome Town.

(2) the inferior option below diamond and platinum plated diapers worn by babies who are ghetto fabulous

"I gots to git my paper up. My boys are still wearin' gold plated diapers and shit."

"Babies...before we're done here...y'all be wearing gold plated diapers" - Chris Walken as Bruce Dickinson
by Kutcher March 26, 2009
No matter how hard you try to improve certain things, its basic nature remains the same.
"That car fanatic has been spending thousands of dollars on that '58 Edsel...its just a gold plated turd!"
by MoJo Mojokowski July 19, 2005