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Getting dressed, wearing a certain get up, having on a outfit etc. Usually when you use 'suited up' it means it's something special or nice about your appearance, or sometimes it can be used in a sarcastic way or to add emphasis on detail about what you have on or are wearing.
Josh - Man Mark is suited up right now in those new threads!

Malik - I just KNOW he aint comin' to school suited up in a damn Link cosplay outfit, they'll clown his ass!

Nas (N.Y. state of mind lyrics) - "Bulletholes left in my peepholes, I'm suited up in street clothes,
hand me a nine and I'll defeat foes. "
by Zure the Dark Being March 31, 2013
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Assumingly something or an event that happened in Connecticut or was about Connecticut that was covered up(hidden, unheard of) thus why no one has heard of it.
Andy : Ever heard of a Connecticut cover up?

Jim : No?

Andy: Know why?

Jim: ... No.

Andy: Covered it up.
by Zure the Dark Being April 19, 2013
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Or "No RSV" as seen on ebay or sites where you can buy stuff from users. Means No Reserve.

Meaning you can't reserve it, pretty self explanatory.
Super awesome Hello Kitty bookbag LIMITED EDITION ONLY THREE EVER MADE bidding starts at 99 cents NO RSV!
by Zure the Dark Being June 12, 2013
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To have smarts/be smart, but usually not in a knowing calculus at the age of 6 smart, but just being aware and making smart choices. Mostly known for "Keep your wits about you." quote from several films,games and media that date back in the days(medieval etc). Meaning just keep your head up and be smart about what you do, be careful.
Malik decided to get piss drunk right before finals and didn't even study, he failed the test the next day, he sure as hell didn't keep his wits about him.

Take this sharp stick, it's all I have to give you before you venture off onto your jourey... but with just a stick, be sure to keep your wits about you, Sir Mark.
by Zure the Dark Being April 17, 2013
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The new and popular nickname for the new kinect that will be with Microsoft's new Xbox One AKA Xbone,XboxNone and many other nicknames. The name derives from the fact that Microsoft announced that the console will HAVE to ALWAYS be connected to the internet to function. And even stated the new kinect device might be monitoring users to protect against piracy and illegal actions against the console. Many people find this funny and ridiculous of Microsoft while others are truly disturbed and feel uncomfortable having a console that's always connected to the internet, and also has a camera spying on you constantly. Thus Spynect. Wether it is 100% official is currently unknown, but it has become very infamous recently, and is looking very bad for Microsoft at E3 this year, many predict their end as of now.
A patent filed by Microsoft for Kinect describes a camera system that monitors the number of viewers in a room. Content providers will be able to set a threshold which if exceeded would trigger a prompt for the device owner to purchase a license for more viewers.

“The users consuming the content on a display device are monitored so that if the number of user-views licensed is exceeded, remedial action may be taken.” -vg247, Microsoft's official website

Joe: Yo dawg you getting that new Xbox One?

Trish: Hell no, haven't you heard? You cant even play used games on it with out being limited, no promising exclusives besides the typical games, they are trying to turn the damn thing into a Cable Box and it has that damn Spynect! Don't want Microsoft employees fapping to me while I sleep! And it's 500 bucks! I can build a PC for that and have much more for my money's worth.

Joe: 500 for that? Hell no, even if it was cheaper, that shit sounds lame as hell. Microsoft dun fucked it up for real this time, actually I'm gonna make a video on this and let people know. I'm feeling a bit angry...
by Zure the Dark Being June 14, 2013
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Traditionally a blood oath was when one would shed their own blood(Cut yourself or something) and offer it onto a altar or whatever they believed right(sometimes a religious action) and swore to uphold a certain task, no matter what. Also it was when a person(s) would shed blood, usually they'd cut their hand and then shake hands in agreement to a task they swear to uphold.

More modernly it just means you swear to do something no matter what, and since it's a blood oath, modernly it means hurting or even killing others in oath, thus 'blood' oath, meaning blood would be shed in promise to the task, usually a phrase only used by mobsters and crooks.
The great samuraiKenji Setsuna bowed before the altar and cut his hand, offering blood, swearing to protect his people under any condition in belief before his God.

The Prince and his loyal Knight cut their palms and then shook hands, promising each other in a blood oath they'd never split apart.

Officer Eliot of the Chicago PD & Officer Hunter of the Seattle PD made a blood oath that whatever happens, they will stop crime in their city, willing to do whatever it takes to keep this oath.

Kingpin Chuck Norris told a footman of his black market empire that if he did not go through with the hit, he'd kill his family. The footman then made a blood oath, swearing he would.
by Zure the Dark Being April 12, 2013
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Money, cash, funds, whether in hand, cold hard or electronical funds, it's currency earned from selling drugs, from as amateur as slinging coke on your nearest street corner, to as professional as having a weed smuggling branch you bought out from the Cartel, it's all drug money and of course, is usually illegally earned. Also see black market.
Big Boy Ben bought a 1300 dollar'd gaming rig after earning money from one nights worth! He's GOTTA be on some drug money grind or something.

The CIA arrested a big time Cartel boss the other day, they found 2 million dollars worth of drug money in his factory, he was going to make a serious trade with the Mafia they say.
by Zure the Dark Being April 17, 2013
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