So I called G today and she totally bookbagged me for Curt.
by Emily Livermore September 24, 2005
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A ass that sits on your back and is more square than round, resembling a bag with books in it
Jayden- Yo dawg I need a boo thang with a fatty
Kyle- Well dont mess with Cindy nephew she got a bookbag
by BfloHunnydew November 15, 2011
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1) A very large purse, often covered in emo band paraphernalia.

2) Device used by a band geek to carry possessions, such as CD players and rather stupid things that shouldn't be at school in the first place.
Band Geek: Dashboard Confessional like, rocks face! Almost as much as band! Band geeks rule--

Non-Band Geek: Can I hang out with you?

Band Geek: NO! You're not in band! We all have low self-esteem and are not very attractive, so we must exclude everyone to feel important and hot. So sorry...We rule, by the way. 'Cause we're in band. Yeah.
by Insei December 11, 2003
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When you have anal sex in the missionary position, and let your nuts hang along the small of the girl's back.
What a long girl was wearing my Chinese Bookbag for hours!
by GylesDMT February 2, 2010
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-n. In this process, the unsuspecting student's backpack, or bookbag (whichever you want to call it) is taken away from his or her sight, turned inside out, and zipped up again with all the original items inside.
God damn it! They fuckin skinned my bookbag again. Those bastards!
by east jebip February 10, 2004
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breaking up with someone by using the tiktok audiodraco” with the last line being: “you ain’t never get your b back”
girl : draco season with the bookbag
boy: dammit 😭😭
by ashhishhlshheshheshhn March 25, 2022
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