The best thing ever to happen to the music/software industry. The customer's way of telling the corporate whore fatcats that they're charging us too much for low-quality shit.
RIAA should just ralize it's hopeless to stop piracy as long as it supports shitty, no-talent MTV karaoke lipsynchers like NSYNC.
by Jake February 23, 2003
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Something that enables millions of people to learn and use software you would *never* have bought for the retail price. Something people in the sw industry don't take into account...
My productivity has increased two-fold thanks to this software
by dadafr June 07, 2004
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Old usage: the act of sailing around on a huge boat with a bunch of other guys (all of whom most likely are missing either one of their legs, hands, or eyes) and raiding spanish galleons up and down whatever coast you happen to be on. This action usually involves a lot of town pillaging, treasure looting, booty stealing, cutlass weilding, ARRR! yelling, parrot having, musket shooting, rum drinking, accordion playing, cannon cannoning, and buggery.

New usage: the act of stealing music, movies, unlicensed software, etc off of the internet. Usually done through a variety of p2p clients. This practice is of course denounced by the industry and they have launched a campaign of legal action and anti-piracy media featuring the likes of M E Hart aimed at destroying piracy, but all indications as of now are that it will survive.

In both cases, piracy is awesome.
Up with piracy!
by mattersy June 02, 2004
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Becoming a very serious crime according to authorities because they aren't getting any money out of it unless you're a cop or something. If the authorities made a dollar for every pirated thing they'd shut up and direct our attention to reducing citizen benefits because they don't make any money out of it either.
Piracy is a crime because the government doesn't get any money out of it.
by JonTan December 29, 2004
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I want Windows. I get Windows.
I want Max. I get Max.
I want lotr. I get lotr.

Then I go install linux
by Genjix September 12, 2003
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1. A Catalyst for change.

2. The theft of ones personal property for reselling to profit.

Originating from early sailors called pirates who plundered other vessels for their goods. Todays, pirates are known also as downloaders and/or hackers (as the news media would have the general public think). Frowned upon by society, piracy has become rampant in scale via the internet and has forced authorities to arrest and prosecute the very same thing people have been doing with printing press, vcr and tape recorder since the 1920s.
In todays new, a 13 year old girl in her grandparent's home was arrested for online piracy
by JesuSlaveX August 20, 2004
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