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A Panda Warrior which slays unholy beasts
Altar the Panda Warrior slayed the beast with his blade of destiny
by Super Ewok October 10, 2007
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Altar is a great trash-metal band band from Romania. It is one of the few rock bands that survived over the years. Nowadays it's popularity is growing with the realease of they're new album. The singer's side project included a Christian metal band, Shekinah.
The band is kickass.
They put on a hardass show, once you've seen an Altar concert you get hooked.
protest... cu asta ma culc, cu asta ma trezesc, pentru asta m-am nascut, pentru asta traiesc... \../ (Altar - Protest)
by mse August 22, 2006
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The hottest guy alive. If you are a girl then get to know him and you would be lucky if he becomes your boyfriend because he is hot as fuckkkkkkkkkk, and rich as fuckkkkkkkkkk. But if you are a guy reading this then go fuck yourself because Altar has fucked your mom bitch.
OMG. That is Altar I better get to know him and hide my mom.
by PHSYCOPATH December 18, 2018
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