A Microsoft product that was re-named from Project Natal that is predicted to fail as with the Sony Motion Control or "Move".
I'm going to go play with Kinect on my Xbox 360.
by Wolfyy June 14, 2010
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1. The Xbox 360 motion controller losers use to get in shape.

2. Big brother. He's watching you!
1. Jump, whitey, jump!

2. Put on your tinfoil hat, Schizo's. Kinect is here!
by sortamessedup November 23, 2010
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Microsoft's new virtual accessory for xbox 360 where unlike the wii, you actually move your WHOLE body. The kinect device has two camaras, a laser, and a motor so it can move its head up and down to look at you. it detecs your motion and body. don't listen to what any of the other insulting definitions say.
No offence to wii, but kinect is more virtual and usful in many ways.
by blakepwner January 25, 2011
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A connection with a kin. It's only a term used when you first connect with your kin, like when you first realize the kin is there. It's when you realize your 'kinection' to them.
“ My friend Salem is currently reading things in a kin of their's voice. They did not previously know of this kin, so this is their first kinection with this character.”
by Theonebaystater January 28, 2021
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To land a blow resulting in personal injury to someone else while playing with a Kinect on Xbox.
Wow, did you see that?! My elbow totally Kinected with his face!
by Kinector November 9, 2010
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Our family had a blast kinecting after we received a free Xbox 360 Kinect from Oprah!
by halohalo November 5, 2010
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Microsoft's next accessory (or necessity) for their newest gaming console, Xbox One (ton). It can recognize your voice (probably as good as Windows voice recognition can), Skype someone (while you're trying to watch a movie), and detect your movements so you can play games or navigate with it! (Probably really crappy games and an even crappier Windows 8 styled User Interface) It will probably become the NSA's new mastuerbation machine.
Kinect 2.0? Hmm...I should consider getting a job at the NSA.
by Microsoft H8R October 13, 2013
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