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Police department in Seattle composed of white male officers who do not live in Seattle who believe all native americans, blacks or latinos are inherently guilty and deserving of induction into the criminal justice system. A great deal also believe that the above are not entitled to freely and legally walk the earth and take it upon themselves to remove said-nonwhite citizens by way of police aggression or lead bullets.
"Officer Buke reporting for the Seattle PD: We have a negro and a latino walking down 3rd"

Negro and latino fit generic description. Apprehend with extreme prejudice...but if culled, its not a problem

"Officer Burke and Officer Cobane: we read you over and out! Hey you colored people! Get back here before we beat you with our clubs made of recycled wood pulp!"

:bang bang:

"another win for the white race of seattle!"
by madrone May 26, 2012
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