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Albert Einstein's forumla for his theory of general relativity.

E is Energy
m is Mass
c2 is really c squared (c^2). This means the velocity of light (8.0 x 10^8 meters/second)

By using this, it shows that no mass can accelerate to the speed of light.
Einstein is k1xx0r1ng j00 f00l'$ $#177`/ |V|47# $|<177$
by Yuri December 21, 2003
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Catch phrase uttered by the wonderous Senor Cardgage (or any ugly, dumpy guy with a beer belly and a comb-over) while popping out of bushes and carrying a plastic bag full of mysterious contents which may include any of the the following:

1. Cold Pizza
2. Rotten Vegetables
3. Shattered Pieces of the owner's past life...
This phrase confuses Homestar Runner.
Cardgage: Excardon me!

Homestar Runner: I don't know what that means... and you still smell like pea soup
by Yuri December 21, 2003
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New Jersey slang for the tits on Matt's mom.
Did you see Fran's tits today?
by Yuri March 28, 2005
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A roomate that is a complete idiot who never takes showers, wears the same clothes and annoys the hell out of you when you have girls stay the night.
Kevin is a dick fixture.
by yuri December 05, 2004
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The mutual feelings between Strong Mad and "The Tire". Will be settled in "Tire Madness" only on pay-per-view.
This sunday, on Tire Madness
by Yuri September 22, 2003
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A person who has an unheathly obsession with lying.
Vlad is such a lying share pro. He says my mother left me because I touch myself at night.
by Yuri April 24, 2005
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Best ISP out there. I Get 5.1mbits down and 384kbps up for $43 a month including everything. Have been with them for over a year and no problems. You losers with dial-up should wake up to the year 2005. Of course earthlink dial-up sucks -- all dial-up sucks!
Hey Tommy has Road Runner and he pays almost ten dollars more than Earthlink charges, but the speed is the same. Now why is that?
by Yuri March 31, 2005
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