A beatdown, esp. a severe one.
Don't make me go to phase 2 and do, another pay-per-view to yo crew --Redman
by JoseGrosvenor September 15, 2011
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when one hires a hooker to shit on a glass top surface (such as a coffee table) while they lie below and watch
I paid that ho $20 for a pay-per-view last night.
by hoo heater March 8, 2009
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A fist fight that is actally free and will probably never be aired on television because it's just a couple of drunk losers about to beat eachother up outside the bar on a friday night.
Randy shagged Jeffs girlfriend at the party last night so I'm expecting the pay per view to be sometime this week.
by Rontastic July 30, 2006
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Usually a call girl, but sometimes an exotic dancer. In recent years, it's also become associated with any gold-digger.
Looks like Nick got him a Pay-Per-View Girlfriend. I hope he's getting a full oil and lube out of it.
by Envious 314 March 16, 2009
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That uncanny feeling, when you recognize a real life situation, and realize you've seen it previously in a porn flick.
Did you see who delivered the pizza? Super hot blonde, barely 20 years old! I had a total deja-pay-per-view when she said "who ordered the one with extra sausage?"
by Phatmastaskinnydipper May 17, 2017
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