i've listened to all of my good music, and I don't want to listen to bad music, so I'll listen to hoobastank.
by Clarrissa Langley May 9, 2004
When you are having sex "doggy style" and all of a sudden you smell something (if one the people had not wipped themselves very well..) that smell is hoobastank
it is not a good smell...
by lance January 22, 2005
commonly used in lonely island's work, such as The 'Bu, starring Jorma Taccone (sexy), the incredible Andy Samberg and the lesser known (but still cute)Akiva Schaffer, according to him he is the director and doesn't get recognized at the screenings...so don't know exactly how this word pertains to the work...but you should know they use it alot.
HOOBASTANK!!! --Hot Rod when Rod Kimble wakes up from being knocked unconscious
by K. Keyto December 1, 2007
The incredibly fragrant aroma of fecal matter from one's insufficiently wiped ass. Typically noticed during doggy style sex from the receiver, by the giver. If you aren't sure what it smells like, take a shit in the toilet and then turn around and stick your face in the bowl and inhale deeply through your nose.
I started pounding Laura last night doggy style but she hadn't finished her paperwork. The hoobastank was so bad I lost my wood and had to try something else.
by Beef77 April 20, 2010
From the Ebonics for "Who is it in here that smells so bad?".
"Yo, dog...hoobastank???"
by DiceOfDeath April 7, 2005
the technique of rippin a nasty one in the palm of one's hand, then sticking it under some unexpecting fools nose, thus letting him savor the flavor. also refered to as a "buttercup"
by dave n' eddie September 1, 2004
"The posterboy for faceless generic rock if not for the fact if you think about it, a posterboy can't be faceless."

A piece of shit band that is highly overrated by teens and girly-girls who seem to be in love with the band members. The Reason, almost as bad as the "Voice inside my YED" by Crap 182, is some bleeding heart song about

"I jus want u to knoowwwwwwwwww
I've found the reason for meeeeeeee
to change wut i use 2 beeeeeeeeee
a weezon to start over newwwwwwwwww
and the reason is uuuuuuuuuu"

It's basically the same thing over and over again very slowly. Down with Hoobastank. Bad music is a sin.
d00d: hay bitch ur the reason for me
d00d gf: omg u lisin 2 hoobasuck ur gay
by ThaNeoGospel November 6, 2004