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Like a 1 bit number, it's either on or off. You either have a spouse or you don't. Unfortunately it's the standard in the United States of America and you can't have more.
America is a country where you can only have a 1-bit marriage, but they don't care if the spouse is the same gender as you.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter December 24, 2007
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An electronics project consisting of an oscillator and a high RMS wattage tweeter. When run it generates an high-powered ultrasonic sound that annoys dogs and causes them to stop barking (woofing).
My neighbor's dog was keeping me awake at night so I fired up my anti woofer tweeter so I could sleep.
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1. A sword in Final Fantasy wielded by Sephiroth. The sharp cutting part of the blade is 8 linear feet. A very huge sword.

To visualize using a sword like this, pick up a F96T12 fluorescent light bulb, only that the hilt sticks out further where the pin at the end would go. Take the fluorescent tube and whack someone across the back with it (people actually do this on Youtube videos!). Congratulations, your friend just got a slight taste of the masamune's sheer power.

2. When you perform a masamune it's when you do the act with the fluoro tube in #1.

3. They make a masamune that you can buy online, but it is much shorter (58 inches +/- 12 inch) because reality technology hasn't caught up with the technology fictional world of Final Fantasy (schizo tech). Even then, today's masamune is very long for a samurai sword. Not too pleasant to use for harakiri rituals (especially in reality where there's no respawn).
1. Sephiroth's Masamune cut through both edges of the hydrogen-filled gasbag on the airship at once.

2. In 2008 I want to give my friend a masamune and inhale some mercury.

3. Memere bought the masamune from Quickly Vanishing Cash.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter November 23, 2007
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A public restroom missing so much as ONE of these 21st century features:
1. Infrared automatic faucets that stay on as long as you are moving your hands
2. Automatic hand dryer and/or automatic paper towels
3. Self flushing toilet/urinal
4. Automatic soap
Don't go in that McDonalds down the street if you have 7 year diarrhea, they only have a twentieth century bathroom.
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Harakiri, seppuku, belly cutting. It's when you take a samurai sword and carve into the skin and fat of your abdomen and as you feel the pain, reach into the bloody mess and pull out your guts. Most likely you die from a lack of blood. Some more cowardly samurai would get their friend to chop off their head to ease the pain.
My geisha left me, my trainer got shot with arrows, and my bird ran away...I'm slitting my stomach.

I'm a manly samurai--I'm slitting my stomach, and I don't want any assistance as I go on my instant trip to an eternal vacation.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter November 23, 2007
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Male masturbation. So called because the previous Pope was Polish, and the male organ looked like a Mitre and polishing it gives the user pleasure
More children would be happier if more priests would stay at home and polish the pope.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter November 19, 2007
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The progress bar that fills up as a file downloads/program installs, etc. So called because it usually has some numbers in percent. Pronounced Percent-oh-meter.
A:How much longer do you have to download that pr0n?
B:The percentometer says about 69 percent done.
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