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The analog hole is a loophole that allows music to be copied (infringed, or pirated, according to drm worshippers) by analog ripping. Heck, you can stand in front of your computer's speakers with a microphone and duplicate a content-protected file. You can also copy a DVD 'illegally' with your cell phone's camera. It's a concept that makes the RIAA/MPAA crap their pants, though not too much since the quality degrades with each generation.

Video signals can't be easily copied through the analog hole thanks to Macrovision.
The movie theaters installed many infrared LEDs facing the silver screen to plug the analog hole, because video cameras are sensitive to infrared light.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter September 18, 2007
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An electronics project consisting of an oscillator and a high RMS wattage tweeter. When run it generates an high-powered ultrasonic sound that annoys dogs and causes them to stop barking (woofing).
My neighbor's dog was keeping me awake at night so I fired up my anti woofer tweeter so I could sleep.
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Any form of aggressive advertising that does any of the following actions, almost all of which are legal in the USA but not necessarily morally correct:

1. Use of banner ads with Microsoft Windows windows in them to make one think their computer has a problem.

2. Withholds useful information from you until you click Yes on "Do you want to install and run" so they can spread their malware.

3. Rapid and annoying moving iPods or other shiny things/status sympols that might make a Neanderthal have a four hour erection.

3a. So-called free iPods/Xbox 360s that require you to sell your name and address to loads of advertising cartels and require you to buy many other things you don't want AND require your friends to do the same.

4. Pop up/Pop under ads. Need I say more?

5. Microsoft Windows XP Messenger Service black-on-grey text ads that say your computer will die unless you install a virus on it that kills your PC anyway.

6. AOL Discs--self explanatory.

7. Any advertisement for a cult that would make the Jehovah's Witnesses blush.

8. while (1){ ~linux/home$festival -tts "Head On Apply Directly to the forehead!" }

9. Obvious corporate theft from consumers/double-dipping such as advertisements on DVDs, in movie theaters and on Cable/Dish TV.

10. Ads that make you feel sad in misleading ways, such as one for Ron the indigent atheist terrorist needs you to paypal him $20 so he can bomb a church.

11. Windows Vista which appeals to people who give up their freedom to run emulators and file sharing so they can have shiny pretty cute windows that stack like glass.
AOL tactics keep Geek Squad and Firedog in business.
Spank the Monkey and win -$20 is another AOL tactic.
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A movie that reinforces the point that Mel Gibson is a nut who craves human blood. Features include a baby getting dashed against the ground till its neck breaks, a man's father getting his throat cut by the ruthless savages quite audibly (you can hear the cartilage) in front of him while visible spurts of blood run down his shirtless chest, a native person coated in mud, and the sacrifices, three sacrifices I could count watching it in fast-forward mode. The victims are rubbed down with a blue paint, then slaughtered. That's three realistic looking human hearts exposed to daylight and drenched in gorgeous crimson blood. It's too bad the native doesn't take a huge bite out of the cardiac muscle--but you can't win 'em all. At least twice the head is chopped off (kinda hard to see) and it's quite visible that the Homo Sapien head is thrown down the pyramid staircase and caught in a basket. The headless corpse is then thrown down the stairs later.
That throat cutting scene in apocalypto is the most realistic gashing of the human neck you will see outside of Al-Quaeda.

The ratings philistines probably denied Mel Gibson an extra scene in apocalypto where someone eats the flesh off a living human using a knife so that the last thing the victim saw as he died was his own kind eating his raw muscle tissue.

Apocalypto's sacrifice mode suffers from the Hide Your Children trope. The aztecs, Incans, and Mayans all sacrificed young children occasionally before the tribes were conquered.
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When a woman, possibly really Amish, puts on a solid-colored non-printed dress and jumps into a body of water,gets out all wet, walks over to the furrow his husband just plowed by horse, and starts rolling provocatively in the loose dry soil so that the dirt sticks to her. The male equivalent is the Amish Sweat Ritual.
I just watched a video of the Amish mud woman and wanked for 20 minutes.
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When a man in a solid-colored shirt with suspenders on, possibly an Amish man, gets all sweaty from toiling in the fields farming and his shirt is soaked with muddy sweat, either from the dirt that was kicked up when plowing in 95 deg F weather, or from rolling in the crumply soil.
At the end of the movie Witness it looks like the Amish men just got done with an Amish Sweat Ritual.
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A Wiccan, Celtic witch, or Western European Pagan. Chicken rhymes with Wiccan, and Wiccan starts with W.
One of my friend's daughters is a chicken with a capital W because she likes Nature.

A chicken with a capital W is familiar with Artemis Pinkwar.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter November 04, 2007
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