The best area in Texas. Full of rich kids, ghetto kids, drug dealers and churches.
Bob: Did you go to that party last weekend?

Sam: What one?

Bob: The one at the huge house filled with rich and ghetto kids, you know, by the church?

Sam: oh yeah, the one in the 254, i buy my weed from there.
by nikki93 April 20, 2008
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When something is more shit than you originally made it out to be.

In reference to page 254 in the Horizons Socials textbook, detailing how immigrants were duped into immigrating to British Columbia by the government with offers of free land and transportation there.

Poor immigrants knew that life was gonna be hard, but it was even harder because they weren't told about winter.
>be me
>15 yr old whiny bitch
>go to summer camp
>discover that u play team building activities w other ppl
>play in mud against my will
>cut grass against my will
>socialize with NORMIES against my will
>go home
>ded af, recoiling in PTSD
>open tumblr and start to shitpost
>"summer camp is so 254"
by Èsarel April 25, 2016
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A godly youtube streamer that is definitely on big brother and gets lots of peen.
Man is Moneymaker 254 here, he’s so gay.
by Lakfifjfkdkxndo January 16, 2019
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The score last time Dayton played Jen in Scrabble.
Dayton annihilated Jen 254 to 234 in Scrabble at the Old Market Street Pub.
by Dayton April 7, 2005
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Suppose one day you go on hiking and suddenly fall deep down the mountain and a boulder hits your hand and you’re stuck for 127 hours! At the end of the 127 hours, army individuals find the man and try to grab his hand, a heavy rainstorm dominates the landscape and the boulder hits your other hand after leaving one hand. Oops! Another 127 hours, sorry mate.
“Ahh, come on! I don’t want to spend 254 hours at stuck deep down the mountain with boulders on my hands!”
by LikeXD31 March 28, 2021
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