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the part of a sword thats under (if held upright) the guard its also the part that you hold or the part that sticks out when sheathed and is usually around 1/4 the length of the sword.
joe:Don't throw unsheathed swords at me! >:<

Carl:Just catch the hilt and you'll be hokay -_- .
by ykcir00222 November 09, 2009
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v.) to deep throat a penis all the way to the base of the shaft such that no part of the penis can be seen.
n.) the specific act of hilting
She demonstrated amazing oral abilities but I was blown away when she showed how easily she could hilt my 8-incher.

She said she had to practice with bananas but it paid off because her hilt was like no other.
by Wise Word Wizard June 09, 2018
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