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An abbreviation of either schizoid, schizotypal or schizophrenic. Or more likely, a general insult used to imply someone is 'crazy'.

There's a set of diagnostic criteria for these disorders (readily available on Wikipedia). Schizophrenia is the most severe (actually a psychosis) and can be either 'positive'(characterised by mainly auditory hallucinations) or 'negative' (social withdrawal etc..). Schizoid personalities do not experience psychotic periods and are just people that are happy to live in their own world and for the most part, shun social contact. Schizotypals fall somewhere in between: they are withdrawn and don't have the hallucinations of the schizophrenics but they can be prone to odd paranoias and beliefs (for example, the belief that people can read minds).
Schizophrenic: "That guy over there hears aliens talking to him- total schizo!"

Schizotypal: "That guy over there thinks that people can read minds- total schizo!"

Schizoid: "That guy over there never says a word- total schizo!"

by Arama March 16, 2008
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1. A rude insult people to give to a person who is acting different, and not actually schizophrenic. 2. A person that cannot maintain acting normal due to the intense things going on in their head. (hearing voices, seeing things). 3. Regarded as being insane, as if the person is bound to attack someone. 3. Misunderstood. 4. Not all of them, are crazy evil killers.
I'm a schizophrenic and I feel emotion, I'm going to finish high school, and continue onto college. With proper medication, we are just like you.
by dahnigga November 20, 2013
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1. Short for "Schizophrenic" as in "Paranoid Schizophrenic". Which is a severe mental disorder often confused with "Mutiple Personality Sydrome".

2. Someone with wildly diverse personality traits that manifests themselves in a less than sane manner.
That bitch is a schizo. One minute she's a Sunday school girl, the next minute she's crack whore that would make a sailor blush.
by Squid Viscious July 18, 2005
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1.(noun) Another term for someone who is schizophrenic or just plain insane.

2.(adjective) Describes someone with the same meaning as above.
1. "Damn, I think I'm schizo..."

2. "That is one stupid schizo bitch."
by ash the psycho October 23, 2005
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noun. A slang term for a person whose personality has schizophrenic features. Can be used as an abbreviated, but still unoffical, term for a true schizophrenic but more often is used pejoritavely about a person who displays erratic behavior. See also nut case

adj. Displaying schizophrenic or mentally deranged behavior. See also coo coo for cocoa puffs
n. Courtney Love can be a total schitzo some times.
adj. Tom Cruise went totally schizo on Oprah.
by matt sigl June 07, 2006
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