What every black person says when they get busted on COPS.
Black man as he is thrown to the ground on a typical episode of cops:
Man what I did?
by Johnsoroatl March 15, 2005
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A phrase used by gamers to imply they have done something right. If someone says this it usually means they probably pawned the shit out of everyone in a free-for-all or team game. In the eyes of a gamer this is considered a great triumph.
*Killionaire,Perfection,Sniper Spree,Unfreakinbelieveable*

SmallSplash "Whats that? Did i break it?

Shawnyboy "Oh shit dude"
by Mrredandblack August 19, 2009
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Used when someone does the exact opposite of what you just told them not to do. Often used in alarm when someone does something irrational and doesn't think about their action until afterwords.
Tom says : Wait for the water to start boiling then put the Pasta in
Timothy puts the pasta immediately into the pot without waiting
Tom looks at Timothy blankly and says : What did I just say?! I said to wait.
by Varrick86 June 4, 2019
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An overly used phrase popular on YouTubes comment section. Often used after someone watched a weird YouTube video.
“What did I just watch?” ... the comment usually gets thousands of likes.
by Keithberns5 February 10, 2018
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The question you ask yourself or your friends after a night of heavy drinking. Often, you do not want to hear the response, but need to know if you should apologize to anyone or get checked for STDs.
You usually spend the rest of the day dwelling on the events of the past night and slapping yourself on the head saying "doh!"
yo what did i do last night?
Danced with some drunk chick on stage at the bar and busted your ass
by TrixieTrix March 6, 2009
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