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(adjective) Piddling, trifling, puny, or thought to be a waste of one's time.
"This new ham radio is way better than that suckdick CB radio."
by Witchdoc March 21, 2003
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Being sexually attracted to stupid people. From Greek "moros" (stupid) + "phile" (love).
Men who have morophilia usually keep it in the closet to avoid legal trouble.
by witchdoc February 02, 2013
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(noun) Anglicized shortening of "pachuco" (a male Mexican-American youth, from the zoot suit riots of the 1940s). Typically infers to wayward youths who get into trouble, join gangs, etc., but yet they do not wish to reform. Its insult value is increased when it is used by one Mexican-American to put another down, to typify him as an inferior riff-raff. The term has been used by New Yorkers to refer to less-refined Puerto Ricans, although technically it is impossible for a Puerto Rican to be a "chuke".
"The way these chukes live, it seems like they were cut out to do little besides join gangs, spray-paint on walls, get put into jail, and maybe father a few illegitimate children."
by Witchdoc May 27, 2004
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A straight man who occasionally seeks out gay men for homosexual flings.
That guy over there is not one of the regular gay customers: he's a fruit picker who trolls this bar once every few months.
by witchdoc September 30, 2013
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language or dialect
Now you're speaking my kind of widge.
by Witchdoc March 19, 2003
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Heart attack (a fatal one).
You'll die from the Big H if you dig your grave with a fork & spoon.
by witchdoc May 28, 2013
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An Arab, Hindu, or other Asian who wears a turban or other cloth headgear. Short for "raghead".
"Those raggos should learn to get along with each other."
by Witchdoc March 21, 2003
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