Trifling is to be sneaky, shady, snoopy, and out of pocket. Your utrustworthy, shallow, and your behavior is always suspicious. You can be found hiding in closets, outsides of closed doors and in your best friends boyfriends bed. You are unimportant, ghetto, and slutty. You will lie, deny and pry! Your favorite animal is the Serpent, because you admire him.
"I found that trifling bitch in my boyfriends house rifling through his shit, and she tells me she was just there waiting for me!"
by SKYDOG September 21, 2015
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"you tried to get with my man w/out me seeing, and then when i did see, you denied it...your a triflin' bitch"
by Amber September 29, 2002
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If an individual is conducting themselves in an unordinary, shady, or mindless manner, they are "trifling". Any behaviors which allude to someone acting uncharacteristic of themselves warrants the use of this word.
Srikar: "All the shorties in the party were just looking at me, I got so much game"
Ryan: "Bro, you trifling"
Shrub: "Lmaooo you trifling right now"
by kanglol January 8, 2022
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a dirty person who never cleans up and is lazy
man Sharkeisha trifling and she need a maid!
by higirrl November 19, 2016
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someone who is one or all of the following : dishonest, shady, secretive, a player, 'all talk' without following thru, not worthy of general, a lack of ethics or general morale ie: worthless
shes trifling, she says one thing-does another
by A Po' Mo'Fo December 10, 2007
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“That girl Genevieve is trifling” “That math test today was just trifling” “She really tried to copy me like that’s just trifling”
by owlgirl February 8, 2019
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1. (adj.) Describing a situation, person, or event that is pathetic.
"Man, you didn't wash yo' ass after sleeping with that girl?! You just triflin'!!"
by tak October 8, 2001
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