Another way of saying 'Thats the way I like it'
or to emphasize something is better.
"They gave me free fries"
"Way better"

"Their band is way better now"
by monicamarie83 December 12, 2006
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"Way better" means "much better". "way better" is the informal way of saying it.
DLSU is just WAYyyyyy BETTERrrrrrrrrrrrr.
just built different, WAY BETTER.
by Sates April 18, 2021
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Reiner Braun 😔. Homie literally never gets a break. Poor guy. He just wanted his people to be proud of him and now he has to deal with all this external and internal bs. Let the man be happy smh.
Reiner Braun deserves way better. He's actually a pretty nice guy.
by lil nigeria August 1, 2022
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A go-to phrase for youtube comment boards used to offer consolation to youtube video content (usually a song) that, while otherwise relatively sub-par, is nevertheless far more accomplished and/or enjoyable than Rebecca Black's "Friday."
Youtube comment: Yo idk how this vid is kickin' on the front page when it should be chillin' on the back page, but it's still way better than Rebecca Black.
by Magzillas April 21, 2011
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Way much better is an adjective a person may use to describe something as superior. It may also be used to close off a debate with someone suggesting an alternative. Even though there is no factual reason explaing why something is way much better, its undersood by those discussing that by saying way much better there is no need to exlpain why or how or details.
by frankie5X November 29, 2010
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a method to emphasize much better in a creative and brilliant way.
Sameer: Brooo the barber really fucked me up.
Emily: That haircut looks way much better on you!
by emily sucks March 8, 2022
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