71 definition by William

A verb for convincing someone to do something they really don't want to do, but afterward you not only convince them, they really like you too.
You just john boyed that girl so bad.

Are you trying to john boy me?
by William February 26, 2004

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something you would call the coolest mother fucker there is.
Bill is Sylinze
by William October 29, 2003

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sub normal and fucking useless
you snaf. u uber big snaf
by william June 29, 2004

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1. Kodama
2. To confuse or befuddle via ones beauty.
Kodama is bewildering.
by William April 24, 2004

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Last I checked there clothing was made in America.
American workers have minimun wage unlike foriegn sweat-shop workers.
by William November 23, 2004

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bigg ass titties
normaly fake
fat chicks have big titties
(no fat chicks)
by william March 28, 2005

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A term often used to display the condition or feeling of being displeased or unsatisfied.
Person 1: "Did you just see what that ugly girl Laura was wearing?
Person 2: "Yeah dude, what is up with that? Thats hella bootse."
by William October 09, 2004

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