An uncircumcised penis. So named because of the resemblance between the puckered-up foreskin at the end of the flaccid penis and the sucker mouth of a lamprey.
Antonio's uncut - he's got big old lamprey in his pants.
by bws55 August 27, 2007
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A firm attachment accompanied by sucking of one individual's mouth to another individual's anus, forming a complete seal.
Last night I totally did the lamprey on a chick's asshole.
by Scrim March 03, 2008
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An asshole, esp. parasitic or slovenly, though sometimes anatomically.
Get this- those lampreys at my HMO denied payment on my pancreatitis treatment just because "the subject failed to properly disclose his hair had no such 'dirty-blond' status, but was instead ocre-hued."
by Wordsworth (1770-1850) January 15, 2007
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Slang for a female's shaved pubic hair/vagina.
"Since pussy shaving is so common, should we really use the word 'beaver' anymore? Perhaps it should be changed to 'lamprey'."
by sickfeeling October 05, 2007
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A person who tries to claim a funny thought, or joke as their own when they either had nothing or very little to do with it.
Guy 1: Did I tell you about the new sex position I came up with, I call it the Lazy Astronaut.
Guy 2:Dude you did not invent that I already read about it on the Urban Dictionary.
Guy 1:ummm yea I was the one who posted it
Guy 2: B.S. man! I know the dude that invented it! You are such a Joke Lamprey...
by Salmonhq February 13, 2008
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The act of regurgitating or ejecting one's stomach contents.
Eddie can't hold his alcohol. Give him three drinks and he'll be in the bathroom chucking lampreys all night!
by Limon Lives August 22, 2007
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One who survives not by his own virtue or hard work, but by consuming the excrement of others by continually hanging on to those others' rectum. See 'butt leech'.
"Motorola management is nothing more than a collection of in-bred butt lampreys."
by arf_burnt January 27, 2010
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