The superior derivative of the northern California colloquialism "hella."
That camping trip was fukka rad!
by fukka rad September 17, 2007
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adj: exceedingly, very, of a remarkable quantity

Derivative of hella popularized in the San Francisco Bay Area. In order of severity, fukka supercedes hella, which in turn surpasses the weaker variant hecka.
TOM: Gee, Sally, I'm fukka tired!

SALLY: I bet, Tom! You just wrestled fukka alligators.
by Jasper Ray April 10, 2005
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"Ge gots to cap that mudda fukka for startin shit with out crew."
by IceWarm October 30, 2004
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Gangster termonology for the very popular mother fucker
"Skeet skeet muh fukka!"

or my own variation...

"Trick or treat muh fukka!"
by Matt Diddy Dawg November 10, 2004
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A bitch mudda who is a fukka!
Hey mudda fukka wanna fuk me mudda fukka.
by William June 4, 2004
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person 1: hey look at wright wat a gay mah fukka
person 2 : lets smash the kunt
by mah fukka September 24, 2009
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A jealousy-mudda-fukka is a person who just cant be happy for u no matyer what. A JMF is usually ur friend and tge term is usually used in a friendly manner. The term originates from AIS, first used by ngozi elumelu. Later carried on by waris ogunnupe. JMF for short
Guy: yoo, she allowed be touch her titties
Friend: no way, how come??
Guy: lol..why cant u just be happy for ur guy for once.. jealousy-mudda-fukka😂
by -ya boy, thotti. April 26, 2019
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