A person (male or female) who unknowingly or subconsciously acts irrationally, harshly, unjustly, obnoxiously or absurdly to otherwise ordinary situations. Not to be confused with the act of being a bitch in which the reaction of the person is the same, but, is fully aware of their actions.
Bonnie: You cleaned the house for me but it is not as clean as I want it!

Chauncy: What? Are you serious?
Bonnie: I don't think I've ever been so disrespected in my life!

Chauncy: Okay, why are you being such a bitch?
Bonnie: The fuck are you talking about?!

Jim: Chauncy, mere a minute.
Chauncy: Fuck! Whats her problem?
Jim: Don't take her seriously, shes had some problems. Shes not trying to be a bitch she is just a bitch.

Chauncy: Ah, I see. What a bitch.

Jim: Correct.
by Cuizinart July 19, 2011
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A female celebrity, politician or public figures known privately for a condescending attitude, enormous sense of self entitlement and surly behavior. A-Bitch's are generally referred to lovingly by "friends", family and coworkers as:
-That fucking a-bitch( enter name here)!,
-(enter name here)queen bitch of the universe
-self centered ,egomaniac (enter name here)A-BITCH
-occasionally , mother ( See Susan Hayward or Nancy Reagan)
- Counselor
-Oh here come that a-bitch down the red carpet.yells "Don't trip...A-BITCH"
-You took the last diet soda...do you have to be such a a-bitch?
-I can believe they gave the part to that a-bitch. Whore.
by KungFu Donut February 03, 2008
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A strong independent woman, who fuck anyone to get by cuz when she get down, she get DOWN. She recreates the whole definition of thot She probably suffering from syphilis.
"You see that? Thats crazi kenzie, she suckin dicc for a livin, but she has a sugar daddi, Chris Smith"

"Thats what I call a BITCH"
by g. A. y December 13, 2018
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paybacks a bitch danielle .
someone using you as a backup bestfriend.
your such a bitch .
grow some .
by cherry23 May 04, 2010
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A woman who would do anything for some dick.
Funny shit I got a bitch to drive all the way down from Utah to come meet me so that she can get some of my DNA.
by NEEDmeBitch!!! April 06, 2010
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