To be killed without mercy on a MMORPG for the sport of it.
I went to fight that dragon and got ganked by a gang of Pkers.
by ThunderClap April 20, 2003
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for one to have stolen something; to get jacked
Man that nigga big earl juss ganked my stash.

I just ganked the shoes right off that bitch.
by nichole December 30, 2005
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That guy ganked me when he sold me those wet firecrackers.
by driftwoods September 27, 2006
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to be killed PvP in an MMORPG when you weren't looking for a fight
That lvl 50 just ganked me while I was walking around farming
by brainybones July 11, 2008
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to get jumped or killed by someone of a much higher lvl in a MMORPG
Those guchs from reborn ganked me on hindemith
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
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to be robbed of something in the most scumbaggish way possible. Differs greatly from having things taken from you by ladies or gentlemen who do so using ethical and honorable methods.
That rotten scumdrel ganked my glow in the dark crack rocks straight outta my crack stem in between the spark of my lighter and my prolonged exhalation to enable maximum lung capacity for my imbibing hit which fingers-crossed would produce a hella heady ear-ringer. Whatever happened to the glory days when a fellow addict would simply enter my vision and without hesitation, beat the everloving shit out of me and with pride take all my possessions including my shoes?
by Deranged Sanity September 7, 2014
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