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AKA "Gas Outta Satan's Ass." This drink is fuckin' illegal in most states. A coma inducing 95% alcohol content will shit-can you in 2 or 3 shots. Not a good thing if you want to keep taking jello shots of a chick's tit. Bacardi 151 pales in comparison.
Everclear will ice your ass into the afterlife.
by Wasabimoto August 29, 2009
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Some genius kid who has a shit swirl as a hairdo. Whenever he tries to explain something that is impossible, some gay faggot starts singing, overlapping the conversation. (example: when Jimmy tries to explain how he's breathing in space, the fatfuck Carl starts singing his ass off, covering up what jimmy is saying.) He has a robotic dog that can do anything, from flying like a helicopter to extracting stem cells from it's victims.
It's a plane! It's a bird! It's Superman! Oh, no wait....it's just Jimmy Neutron with that shitswirl hairdo on his head.
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007
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A phrase a virgin says when they're ready to knock boots.

Alternatively, a phrase someone says when they really like something and they want it NOW.
Sarah: OMG Jenni, the new Butt-Quake 6.0 comes out tomarrow. It's supposed to feel like having an 6.0 earthquake in your ass!

Jenni: Omg...My body is ready.
by Wasabimoto June 18, 2011
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A christian show that claims to heal people. They have parts in the show where the old guy will say somebody's injury will heal. Then years later, on a later episode, somebody calls and says that when he said that prediction, their injury had healed right away. What lies they hold. They start preaching about their "God" and how good he is.
The old fucks on the 700 Club make me wanna call them up on live television and shout out something evil so every, mindless zombie watching the show can hear it.
by Wasabimoto April 12, 2007
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Games that are played during a party or any kind of gathering that usually involves daring others into doing something embarrassing or sexual. Game variants include:

Truth or Dare: You all know this one.

Chance Draw: Jot down dozens of dares on a sheet of paper and cut them up separately and throw them into a hat or bowl. Each person takes turns picking out a random dare and they must adhere to that dare.
*If your friends are lame, they will not perform any sexual or risque dares.
** If your friends are extra lame, they will not perform any sexual dares, even though they're the ones that created the dares to be thrown in the hat.
***If your friends are normal, they will not perform a gay dare, such as kissing your best male friend. However, since males are hypocritical when it comes to sexuality, we'd love to see some girl-on-girl action.

Strip Poker: Good ol' Poker, except the person(s) with the lesser hand must remove a piece of clothing.
*Almost always when a female comes to a point where she must remove clothing, she's going to remove something that won't even matter, such as an earring or a sock. Make sure to apply rules regarding small, insignificant items.

All in all, when it comes to playing these, or any other party games that include daring and risque acts, make sure to play with open minded and out-going females. Bring booze to liven things up more.
Dude, call some of those bitches up and see if they can come to the party and play some party games.
by Wasabimoto May 6, 2010
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Was a TV show on Nickelodeon back in the good ol 90's. It was about the life of a big nosed jew named Doug. Doug was often a dumbass, as he often failed in his stupid quests and his mission to spread his mayonnaise on his love interest and renowned cock tease, Patti Mayonnaise. He was bullied by a psychobilly green fuck named Roger. He always got to fuck Patti, unlike Doug. So Doug befriended a blue, dick-nose honky named Skeeter, who shot skeet out his dick nose. Skeet boy was Doug's temporary sexual release until Patti became possible to fuck. He had a lesbian, beatnik sister named Judy, whom has an obsession with the art of abstract pornography. The world in "Doug" has many races of humans, more so than reality. Green people, Blue people, Purple people, Yellow People, Tan, Brown, Cyan people and White People.
Doug cried as he watched his best friend Skeeter skeet his mayonnaise all over his crush, Patti Mayonaisse
by Wasabimoto December 13, 2010
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A networking website for Goths. It was created by the king of bats, Jet. This website is affiliated with a clothing company called Fuckthemainstream, which is ironic because VampireFreaks continues to attract more and more emo and scene kids (who all shop at Hot Topic) everyday, even to the point of letting My Chemical Romance create a VF profile. Profiles include a profile rating system, which seperates the cool & popular goths from the uncool & unpopular goths, even though all goth kids supposedly 'don't give a shit' about being popular.

If you want access to the entire site or other privilages, you have to pay for a premium account, which is pointless because what can possibly be cool enough on that site that you'd have to pay to access it? Oh yeah, adding moar music to your already shitty playlist of nothing but Combichrist and Mindless Self-Indulgence songs. Also, with a premium account, your photo album can hold at least twice the capacity of photos of yourself crying fake blood and grayscale images of dead and/or bloody roses.

VampireFreaks has opened up a clothing outlet in New York, which will then be made into a chain of stores, and then turn into another Hot Topic; thus defeating it's own purpose as a non-mainstream company.
VampireFreaks is a mediocre website.
by Wasabimoto September 4, 2009
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