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A band full of faggots who have no talent whatsoever. They are 12 year olds and in the show, they act like adults in adult situations. They think they rock and they fit into the music scene. They're really just a bunch of high-pitched fudge packers that squeal when they sing. They're Nickelodeon's exclusive band, kinda like that one slut, Hannah Montana, who is the Disney channel's band.
The members of the Naked Brothers Band have literally been caught naked together in their Hotel bed.

Listener: That's no suprise, I always knew they were homos.
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007

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Some fake-ass wrestling that has gotten worse over time. They have no good storylines going on and wrestlers are starting to do stupid things. One male wrestler likes to wear dresses. One wrestler over exaggerates when he gets punched in the face. I paused one part where Ric Flair sopposedly stomped on a guy's head, and his foot never touched the guy's head.
Hey do you know that one wrestler in the WWE who always bends so damn far back everytime he gets punched?
I forgot his name....not worth remembering.
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007

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The worst channel on Television. They're always showing stupid sluts perform their shitty songs. Hannah Montana is one of them. The channel shows gay shows like Lilo and Stitch, That's So Raven!, Lizzie Mcguire, and wannabe japanese anime.
That's so Raven on the Disney channel should be called That's So Fucking Gay.
by Wasabimoto March 27, 2007

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What everyone in the United States (Including Richy Rich) is bound to be if these gas prices don't stop rising.
Poor people, look out, because things are about to get a whole lot worse.

You too, Richy Rich.

by Wasabimoto July 10, 2008

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Something most poeple on Urbandictionary, and the world, obviously know nothing about.

Most teenagers who claim to be satanists do not know the concept of Satanism themselves.

LaVeyan Satanism is the type of satanism where you practice self-indulgence, and believe that you are your own god. Nothing fucked-up or rebellious about that.

Theistic Satanism is the type of satanism where you actually do believe in and worship a literal Satan.

There is no reason to call this religion ridiculous, just take a look at Scientology.
People who hear the word "Satanism" quickly assume it is pure evil.
by Wasabimoto January 15, 2008

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Was a wrestler for the now-gay WWE. He was a great wrestler the whole time he's been in. He had a special move called the Crippler crossface, a grappling move that has made many people tap out in his career. He is a 3-time WWE U.S. Champion, a 4-time WWE Intercontinental champion, and the winner of the 2004 Royal Rumble.
He first entered the WCW in 1992, ECW in 1994, back too the WCW in 1995, then the WWF/WWE in 2000.

At first, the cause of Benoit's sudden change was thought to be anger caused by steroids, but now, that is no longer a valid reason.
Chris Benoit was a good man. Nobody knows why he would have killed his family.
by Wasabimoto September 05, 2007

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A great porno site with the same format as Youtube. No need to download, just click and watch! Features full-length porn that last up to 30 minutes. Chicks on videos are usually hot, but Italian or French. One thing that sucks about it is they seperate some videos into parts, which are to be released on another day.
Redtube is a good pornsite.
by Wasabimoto July 28, 2008

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