"Nuclear horseradish." An extremely spicy condiment of Japanese origin, made from the root of the wasabi plant, ranking just below uranium in terms of destructive potential. Allowing any more than twelve molecules of this pungent spice to touch your tongue will cause your head to explode. Well, it will feel like that anyway. When used correctly, good for cleaning out the sinuses and warding away unwelcome guests. Wasabi is available in paste or powder form.

Commonly used in sushi, but also in various other dishes including sashimi, or to flavor udon, soba, ect. Keep away from the eyes. Do not inhale. Do not attempt to feed to pets. If you exceed the recommended dosage (approx 1/4 teaspoon) seek medical help immediately, lest your intestines disintegrate.
Much of the 'wasabi' available in European nations and the Americas is total crap and isn't much spicier than pepper. You'll know it's the real stuff when you start breathing flames and your appendix explodes.
by Lapideus January 27, 2005
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A condiment, Japanese in origin, that's popular in the United States. Once ingested, it's pure hell for all of five seconds.
Right after you take a good hit of wasabi, your nose will burn as if you just belched after gulping down a mustard gas soda pop, your eyes will feel like they got sprayed with ammonia, you will become unable to breathe because you don't want to dessicate your lungs into massive pulmonary scar tissue, and this nightmare of physical torture will compound itself on a cosmic scale until you are about to crumple into tearful, humiliating, submissive defeat for foolishly defying the terrible power of the wasabi gods, and then it's overwith. Then you're ready for some more.
by atomic paste waste December 9, 2007
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An informal greeting uttered by Opie (young Ron Howard) during his Hip Hop phase when addressing Aunt Bee on The Andy Griffith Show.
"Wasabi, I'm back from goobers, is dad home yet?
by notachurchman February 3, 2013
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spicy addon to sushi, and its very freaking spicy
don't put that wasabi in your roll, it's spicier than Taco Bell hot sauce, biatch.
by victor June 7, 2003
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Johnny: "Can I get some wasabi with that?"
Janice: "Ew wasabi is too spicy!"
Johnny: "No wasabi that makes you high as fuck!"
by jj155607 June 3, 2009
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Unlike the Asian condiment, this form of wasabi has very little to do with that. Instead, it is a comeback used in a fashion like "suck my dick". When someone is just making you mad, all you do is just say "wasabi" which then just makes them stfu!

(Also has nothing to do with sucking an Asian dick or someone having a very small dick)
Sven: Hey Beth, I bet you like that "soy sauce"?

Beth: You know what jew, wasabi!!!
by definition fixer July 10, 2011
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(wa-sa-BEEEEE) greeting to a stranger to show you think they're hot, without having to say "i think you are hot."
alternative to wassup
(wa-SA-be) greeting to a friend who's looking hot.
out at a bar with friends: "Wasabi, girl/boy"
getting ready to go out: "wasabi, girlfriend"
by sabine95 December 4, 2005
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