1. Jimmy Buffet song that is the framework definition for what a beach front vacation paradise should be.

2. Term coined by bored individual (e.g. the Author) as the ulitmate getaway paradise.
"Wasting away again in Margaritaville."

"Some day, I'll sweep you off your feet, and we'll spend the rest of our decadent, happy lives in Margaritaville."
by Gunslave May 3, 2003
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A horny bitch who thrives on crisis and won't listen to reason.
meth lab
fresh batteries
Tell that sumbitch to eff off, Margaritaville, and think about your children.
by traditional December 16, 2003
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Miserable failure on every level of life. Would rather live off welfare and live in a drug den than make a decent wage and teach children the right path.
Go to school, get a job, don't be a looser like Margaritaville
by FreeDBCNow December 16, 2003
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This theory states that if a middle-aged man has too much laid-back fun he ceases to exist.
Not sure where my dad went. My mom said to look up margaritaville theory
by forexchampion March 24, 2020
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when you fuckin a lousy bitch on her period and then nutting inside of her.
I gave this bitch gonorrhea while giving her a Margaritaville in her cooter.
by MikeBobaguard September 6, 2023
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