Um, some guy on pof just asked me if I would like to 'restock the pond'.
See also: restock the porcelain pond, totally different thing going on there.
by JennAgain28 January 2, 2016
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To get thrown into a shelf during Black Friday fighting over cheap crap you don't need.
Steve was lying on the ground after he got restocked fighting over a $5 toaster on Black Friday.
by Gleen707 December 6, 2017
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RBux is a free robux rewards website, it's kinda good but the restocks take forever. This time the restock is a myth, RBux will never restock. They keep telling us they will restock but every day passes and nothing happens...
Friend: Yeah, you can count on me, I will be coming tomorrow
Me: Oh c'mon, you didn't have to lie like that, this isn't the RBux restock...
by PapaCat August 27, 2021
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