Just walk outside. Society is all around us.
by Chalko3 January 9, 2021
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A very hypocritical state of affairs which affects everyone involved in it (usually negatively). Society teaches us that everyone should be independent- yet those that are become disillusioned, eventually learning that they would have been better off selling out to fit in with everyone else, to avoid the discrimination and prejudice of sharing views contrary to that of the majority. Society also teaches us that we have rights and freedom- in reality, we only have the freedom to obey the standards society sets for us, otherwise we are wrongfully discriminated against once we begin to challenge the standards in question. Society tells us that we should be proud of who we are- yet somehow if we dont look above average, then we are prejudiced against for not looking acceptable and taking pride in our appearance. Society also tells us that we should be respectful, nice and have manners towards to each other- yet those that do eventually realise that they will receive no merit for doing so, as the people who eschew this standard get all the perks, and the genuinely decent person draws the short straw for not being assertive enough in trying to get what they want. Society is also influenced by all the forces that corrupt humanity- war, money, religion, the media etcetera because of the number of people that can be manipulated from those that manage these forces.
To all those that say we should give back to society, I say this: society is making your children obese and anorexic, and making them have adult ideas at an age they should enjoy being a kid. Society thinks the ideal way to cure someone of commiting an offence is to lock them up in a cell for a long period of time, despite the fact most criminals end up re-offending once released. Society believes that it is still necessary to arrest people for marijuana possession, despite the fact the laws against it from a scientific standpoint are laughable, and that experiencing substances is human nature, and no form of prohibition against them will prevent people from doing so. So in short, society is a system which aims to unite the masses, but instead ends up alienating the very people it brings together. My advice? FUCK SOCIETY
by Firelovesugar September 3, 2010
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A group of people that set a standard and everyone that is affected by that standard is part of it...
by Spoiled July 6, 2003
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