14 definitions by Waldo

Noise made during sleep by person dreaming of sex. Cute if done by a woman, disturbingly sinister if done by a guy.
He kept me awake with chortling grunties.
by Waldo November 15, 2002
Mike Klymasz's pet name from his boyfriend
Gimme a little loving tons of fun.
From your loving boyfriend, Frank Gandolf
by Waldo June 21, 2003
Wow Mike, those are some nice pumpkin tits. i bet your mom likes playing with those things.
by Waldo June 15, 2003
A person whose purpose is to solely stand around a group of amusing individuals and act as though he fits in. see also joe burton
That joe burton is one stupid sidekick. that fuck
by Waldo April 26, 2003
When your friends stop inviting you and talking to you
Bruh, they don't like and talk to me anymore, I've been madinaed
by Waldo October 13, 2018
The small group of friends who privately chill without letting mumbles, mr shankadoodle, or QUE HACESS TUU?-boy join in. Founded by mumbles himself. also known as S-squared, or the SS
Uhhh wuh yuu ahvin ahnuffer secwret sothiety meeeting thisth weekend?!
- Mumbles
by Waldo April 10, 2003