Mumbles is a character by Edbassmaster on YouTube. Born in the 60's in Malt Lickie, Texas; he often has trouble communicating with people and often gets frustrated.
Mumbles: Can you put malt lickies on that?

Car Salesman: No, I'm not going to put anything on it.

Mumbles: Well, can you bartle doo the price?

Car Salesman: The price? $12,000.

Mumbles: Right, but can you bartle doo?

Car Salesman: I'm not sure what you mean by that word.

Mumbles: Well, can you just kaypomasodums with the malt lickies?

Car Salesman: No, if you buy, you do it.

Mumbles: I'm gonna buy it! Just kaypomasodums with malt lickies!!!
by Metallica Bass Player August 07, 2010
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What you call a person who never speaks clearly or always mumbles.
I can't understand a word mumbles is saying!
by Richard Stands June 01, 2017
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The best sentence or sentence-filler ever.
"What have you been doing?" "Mumble mumble."

Welcome to asperger king, where your extremely specific fast-food order is our mumble mumble.
by white brown! May 04, 2010
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1. To speak in a very sloppy manner, usually under ones breath, without using the mouth to form words properly.
Mumbler: "asfjeihwghckndiwhf food qfdiqwhfiwhf"

Responder: "Dude, shut the fuck up, and stop mumbling"
by xerocide January 03, 2006
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Mumble means "gobbledygook" or worded rubbish. A collection of letters which means nothing at all.
"Woah, that was total Mumble, try saying it again"
by ShirleyAlex November 20, 2005
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A woman wearing clothing that is far too tight for her , often with no underwear, so that you can see the shape and movement of her genitals. Her lips are moving, but you can't hear what she is saying.
Man, check out Mumbles over there in the cycling shorts.
by Svenyboy August 04, 2005
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