his arse is so shitty (shitty ass)
by bitemy*** July 17, 2009
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The result from eating too much Taco Bell, running to the bathroom and using the whole roll of TP because your shit came out like an exploding rocket and more ended up on your ass then in the toilet.
John must have a case of the shitty ass craps, he has been in the porta john forever.
by reeferdave January 14, 2011
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Something that is of so bad quality that is does not deserve a sense-making phrase
by Feltcher May 7, 2005
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a terrible predicament that is so bad that there is no positive way out.
"how in the hell did we get lost in the middle of the desert naked with no water and having to listen to justin bieber for 4 hours straight?"

"I don't know this is some shitty ass shit."
by P.V. treat 928 March 19, 2010
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when something is wrong/bad it is shitty booty ass
some nigga gave me shitty booty ass food for dinner
by bozoballs July 2, 2021
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