The language in which ogres type in.

Q: What the hell's UPPERCASE?
A: It's something you are already using!!!
by nepali October 2, 2006
Uppercased is short for "uppercase fucked" the meaning implying that something is so fucked, if you were to write it down it would have to be in all caps. A state of complete un-repairable madness.
I can't fix this piece of shit, it's totally uppercased.

I am so uppercased right now. I just lost my job.
by Willy5007 July 6, 2011
When you have to show an emotion, say excitement in a strong manner over text, you UPPERCASE it
"y'all ready for the party this weekend?"
"Aw come one wet blanket, UPPERCASE it!
by ShadyAllTheWay July 9, 2020
Abnormally large gums.
Did you hear Stephanie got engaged? You know, Stephanie with the uppercase gums.
by Lamp5 August 28, 2021