14 definitions by Waldo

where i come from 'down' means the girl went down town on me ..........................if u dont understand she sucked me off
hey dude ma girl went down last night
by Waldo May 21, 2003
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Wow Mike, those are some nice pumpkin tits. i bet your mom likes playing with those things.
by Waldo June 15, 2003
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Noise made during sleep by person dreaming of sex. Cute if done by a woman, disturbingly sinister if done by a guy.
He kept me awake with chortling grunties.
by Waldo November 15, 2002
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the definition of a hocakes in its purest form.
that artus is truly hocakerrific.
by Waldo March 7, 2005
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It's not just uppercase lower case, it's butchered spellings of words to make them as difficult as possible to read.
(A normal conversation from me and my "azn cappers")

Them: aYe!
Me: Hi.
Them: h0w aRr y0oH dOin?
Me: I was better, but know I have to read your shitty ass typing
Them: aH hElL nAw yOoH dInT jUsT sAe dUt
by Waldo February 9, 2004
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