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The capital of Rhode Island. Aka P-Town. The city full of impoverished suburbs such as Southside, West End, Manton, Olneyville, and Northern Providence. The high points of the city is its downtown, east side, Providence Place Mall and FUCKIN FEDERAL HILL!! I suggest you visit the Hill, where my men creepin.
I'm reppin P-Town son.

Come down on Charles Street and get beaten with a bat.

Roam Southside and receive a bullet to the head.
by Vincent February 08, 2004
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I heard that purple rain means "sperm". I never thought of it that way, but it kinda makes sense because it is known that many of Prince's songs are dirty. (e.g. "Erotic City")
I only wanted to see you bathing in the Purple Rain
by Vincent July 01, 2004
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A geographically and culturally diverse east coast state that is often overshadowed by New York and Philly. New Jersey has many appealing tourist spots and is not given the credit that it deserves. There are, however, a few scary places in New Jersey, such as Camden, with the country's highest murder rate, and the Pine Barrens, where a little critter called the Jersey Devil eats helpless and stranded tourists with flat tires on New Jersey's Route 72.
New Jersey: The Garden State
by Vincent January 31, 2005
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A) Asia's banana republic(alt coconut)
B) 2nd largest archipelago in the world
C) a true melting pot of Asian,Hispanic and American cultures/values/genes!!!!
A-1945-Highest GNP per capita of countries in the Orient..2003-now behind Thailand and Malaysia despite tens of billions of us aid..also huge endemic graft/corruption issue...illegal drug exports..guerillas.....Catholic bueracracy...can anybody say Colombia in SE asia!!!
B) big archipelago...largest being Indonesia over 7100 islands at last count
C) Most surnames Spanish with much of the national language..Tagalog heavily influenced by Spanish(colonized by Spain at roughly the same time and duration as Mexico!!!)..descended from Malyayo/Polynesian seafarers...most recently colonized by Americanos...(walk down any street here "Hey Joe" as in GI....leading to the exotic blending of the Pinoy/ay today
by Vincent January 22, 2004
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The opposite of "soft/lighted" sex - like "Makin Love". Concentraded on the carnal side of procreating.
John is very nice in bed - too nice. I miss the grabass part of making love. I miss banging my head towards the bedroom wall.
by Vincent August 21, 2003
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A derogitory term for someone of flemish (belgium) decent.
That buffalo makes good waffles
by Vincent June 03, 2004
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The ghettoist gayngsters in Genevea. Composed of Oliver, D-pak, and Terence. All have penis sizes of less than 3 nm (10 to the power of minus 9). Oliver the leader raps about as good as a walking cock hole.
Hauck Unit
by Vincent December 16, 2003
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