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The badass mayor of the Simpsons's hometown.
Mayor Quimby: First, one announcement: I regret to inform you we are not offering childcare tonight. I don't know who that guy was you were leaving your kids with.
by mr. re-run October 05, 2011
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A goon, a nameless, faceless, part of a gang. A hanger-on, a sidekick of a more outspoken, charismatic bully.
Take the classic movie, "Surf Ninjas:"
"Dude, who were those quimbies in the camo pajamas?"
by Rockin' Dave February 22, 2005
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Commonly misunderstood to be the central player in an all male three-way, a "quimby" is actually the male in two woman three-way. Selected by choice bi-curious trim for his long, never-flaccid penis, "quimbies" have been spotted whiffing the occasional bike seat and, upon request, tossing a nicely-groomed woman's salad.

Other common misuses of the word involve chickens and farts.
My best girlfriend and I picked up this amazing quimby last night who took us to entirely new levels of sexual bliss.
by SoCal_Boi August 27, 2010
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The quimby gives as much as he receives.
by Arnie January 24, 2003
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A person who sucks farts out of dead chickens
by G.Meela January 04, 2003
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a totally gay guy that has ridiculous hair but thinks he's straight
OMG that Steedman is such a quimby
by fallows May 26, 2012
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