A band made of a duo; Fletcher and Wyatt Shesrs , driven by the genre Vada Vada. Unique in its semi-eclectic and unique sound.
Guy: Just listened to The Garden - the beats are so narly! is it expiremental, rock,electronic, alternative?

Gal: it’s Vada Vada- a mix!

Guy: wow- I suddenly discovered another aspect of life through the lyrics, I’ve never looked at it that way!

Gal: it’s fun isn’t it? !
by 10.1.9_Castro September 30, 2017
No I won't

You know you're all alone, your friends, they aren't at home
Everybody's gone to the garden
As you look into the trees, you can look, but you don't see
Flowers seem to tease you at the garden
Everybody's there, but you don't seem to care
What's it with you man, and this garden? Yeah

Turned into my worst phobia
A crazy man's utopia
If you're lost, no one can show ya
But it sure was glad to know ya
Only poor boys take a chance
On the garden's song and dance
Feel her flowers, as they wrap around
But only smart boys do without

You can find it all inside, no need to wrestle with your pride
No, you ain't losing your mind, you're just in the garden
They can lead you to yourself or you can throw it on the shelf
But you know you can look inside for the garden

I wasn't really scared
Lost my virginity there
To a gypsy with blond hair
But now no one seems to care
Like a mouse inside a maze
Wandering 'round for daze
With a smile upon my face
I never want to leave this place
Only poor boys take a chance
On this garden song and dance
Feel her flowers, as they wrap around
But only smart boys do without
Turned into my worst phobia
It's a crazy man's utopia
If you're lost no one can show you
But it sure was glad to know you

Bye-bye, so long, bye-bye
It's glad to know you
Aw, so long
by Mommy I Rocky January 24, 2022
In the song 'The Lost Chord' by Gorillaz, 2D (Damon Albarn) says "take me into the garden". The Garden is slang for Olive Garden.
"hey man, you tryna' hit up The Garden after work?" "Hell yeah! cant wait for some breadsticks."
by JetSetRetardFuture October 24, 2020
gahr-dn noun
1. a plot of ground, usually near a house, where flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, or herbs are cultivated.
2. a move when during sexual intercourse with three people one partner sticks a hand in the girls vagina and another partner in her ass, and a high five is initiated in between.
X: Dude that was so hardcore last night.
Y: Yeah we gardened that girl so hard she's in the hospital and had to get stiches.
X: SHITTTT! I don't even think the Garden is legal in Texas.
by Jesus599 March 25, 2010
The Garden of Eden; a safehouse; a place where no one can die or be harmed.
Person 1: Man, I need a safehouse.

Person 2: No such thing, unless you live in the Garden.
by Marizipan August 20, 2008
The garden is Madison Square Garden in New York City. The garden is commonly mistaken to be the TD Garden in Boston but it’s not. The garden is also known as The World’s Most Famous Arena
“I’m going to a hockey game at The Garden,” Said John.
“Oh who are the bruins playing?”
“No it’s the rangers it’s at The Garden.”
by Joel Moya January 11, 2018
A gardener is a piece of shit who never mows the lawns and let’s all your plants die.
Shasko Dubich our gardener pulled up in his 2005 g wagon and was three hours late and all he had to do was mow the grass and rake the leaves. Andre Rakin his right hand man was drinking a beer while Shasko Dubich bragged about how he owned a trailer park.
by Shasko Dubich February 3, 2022