A hardass or hard ass is someone who is very authoritative or who appears to be such. This type of person will have his or her own way and expects the respect and co-operation of others.

This is someone who won't let you get away with anything. Someone who falls into this category usually offers a lot of tough love and tends to lack empathy for other people.

As long as you show a good level of respect in a hardass' presence, you should be fine. They prey on teenagers and those who are feeble-minded.
Person 1: Oh man, my dad's such a hardass.
Person 2: Yeah, what did he do?
Person 1: He kicked me out of the house and enrolled me in the army just for skipping one class.
Person 2: Shiiiit! WHAT a hardass.
Person 1: Duuuude, I know.
by Satiric Writer July 21, 2009
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Someone who doesn't cut you any slack.
Bob Dobbs is not a hardass.
by John Public February 7, 2008
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A type of individual often imitated but rarely existing in the scapes of humanity. Today, America is inundated with millions of kids who think they are tough because rap is so "hard". True hardasses do not look for unnecessary trouble because they know what they are capable of, whereas every other wannabe feels the need to prove how much they can handle.
There is no such thing as a rapper who is a hardass. Most could get beat up by a six year old if not for their bodyguards and firearms.
by friend of bob May 15, 2004
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N. One who thinks they are hard or tough. These people talk about how hard they are and in reality they aren't as hard. This is a negative word or a diss.
Hardass: I left class one minute early!
Me: Wow you are a hardass!
Me Thinking: I'm gonna beat this kid up.
by alilhappything January 11, 2006
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n. 1 an indivudual who is partiucularly hardcore, and or acts way too hardcore for his or her own good.

2 An indivudual who sports thier mullet proudley.
You must think you're some kinda hardass or somthing

damn, he's a hardass.
by Aaron November 24, 2003
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Most Cops. always looking to get someone in trouble.
Tom-"Officer Tuubs is always getting me in trouble"
Frank- "Yeah he's a fuckin hardass"
by quarterstikk October 20, 2006
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