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When within the remaining few minutes of the last period of a school day (specifically a highschool class) a student deliberately rattles his or her chair around to spark the process of the entire class picking up their things and leaving.

Usually a few students are reponsible for being the catalyst of the movement and it normally occurs durring the time when the teacher is giving instructions for homework or summarizing other important details about the days lecture.

Variations of musicial chairs include the zipping up of binders, slamming of books, or putting papers away.
Toby wanted to get out of class to smoke weed as soon as possible so he contributed a rattling chair solo to the class inducing multiple students to join into musical chairs.

Jamal was in need of an excuse to conveniently "not hear" the teachers instructions for the homework, so he violently dashed his binder zipper back and forth for several seconds.
by Arthur Riddic Oldman July 29, 2010
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When there are an equal amount of males and females and the females sit on the males faces. When the music turns on, the females get up and allow one male to leave the circle. Abruptly, when the music turns back off, the females scramble to sit on the remaining of the males faces leaving one female still standing.
As Ben left the musical chairs circle, April was too slow and was throne-less for her queening.

Reference: "Queening"
by Nastyyy_nate October 27, 2014
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The physical game which inspired Hunger Games, Minecraft Hunger Games, Fortnite, & PUBG, Pixel Gun battle royal, & Apex Legends.
Fortnite: PUBG copied us
Apex Legends: First time?
Musical chairs: *Laughs in hidden*
via giphy
by ArticEmpire February 20, 2020
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Chairs that play music whether or not your masturbating in them at any time.
Hey do you that musicalchair playing? Shut up Terry im trying to masturbate, but yea i think its coldplay.
by Jaythepirate Roberts February 28, 2017
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A girl that hangs out with a group of guys that keep her around because she sleeps with all of them
"Kelly is the musical chair, and it looks like it's Chris's turn"
by CarlyJaeRepsen May 21, 2014
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