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A thing invented to waste time reviewing what a teacher said.
Can be done in either paper or a notebook.
I have to do my geography and math homework. At least I already did my science, spanish, health, and literature homework!
by Twight0931 April 6, 2017
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The thing that makes a sound (unless it's a silent notification) when you're watching porno on your smartphone. VERY annoying.
I hate these notifications! They ALWAYS interrupt my porn watching!
by Twight0931 March 26, 2021
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The language that you can start texting someone in just to surprise someone.
The person will probably using Google Translate or any other Greek to English translator.
One day in April 2018, I had gotten my speech therapist's phone number on my phone by giving him my phone number and then he sent me 2 photos of my pimples. At night time on a different day in April 2018, I have sent him a text message in Greek. He then sent me his own reply in Greek. We kept texting each other. Later we went to sleep. The next day, he was like: "What is this?" I replied "I wrote" He replied that he did not know it was me.
by Twight0931 August 9, 2018
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1) Heterosexual.
2) (only if you're a male) A valid excuse not to suck a dick.
Example 1)

Guy 1: "I'm straight."

Example 2)

Guy 1: "Wanna suck my dick?"
Guy 2: "NO! I'm straight! That's why!"
by Twight0931 March 31, 2021
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You're born, you go to school, you get a job, (optional) you retire, you die.
That's how life is.
by Twight0931 April 14, 2021
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A subject which includes but is not limited to:
Distributive Property
Subtracting Decimals

Add that much work and you could get a whole bunch of stress at the end.
by Twight0931 March 12, 2017
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