Gaming: When an initial hit/confirm is landed, presumably leading to damage .Prominent in the fighting game community or any games that would involve combat.
He was scared of the overhead so he blocked high and got opened up low
by Quizan March 1, 2016
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Opening up...

Everytime she let someone into her mind
...her most sacred place...
She ends up getting hurt.

She craves intimacy. Real love.
Without agendas.
Opening up... Have you ever been able to bare your soul to another person?

...That's real vulnerability.
by Beam.Me.Up October 27, 2022
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when a girl opens her legs exposing her pussy
Yo last night I told her to open up and I tore dat pussy up!
by hggsdgj November 27, 2007
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1) To open and unpackage something, generally for the first time.

2) To operate a motor vehicle in a spirited fashion.

3) To commence, or return, fire at a person or thing.
1) Hey, let's go open up that new PS3.

2) Yeah, just a few minutes ago, we had 'em opened up out there on Redwood.

3) Why don't we take the 1911 out and open up on some bottles and cans?
by Chingon_de_SRV March 16, 2007
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To open up, as in to stab/knife someone.
The opening process can be as simple as a minor poke but generally involves heavy bleeding and multiple openings. The more insane openings consist of using your bear hands/fingers to perform the opening process.
"I finna open you up like a damn can-o-tuna, you fat slut ass biotch."
by MopDawg December 30, 2004
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The thing you hear before the FBI busts through your door and raids your entire house for loli.
*knock knock knock* FBI OPEN UP WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE
by Frank Grimey Grimes July 14, 2018
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When you listen to loli breathing as you jiggle your sausage.
Loli: Onii-chan, what is this white liquid in my pee hole?
FBI: *thump* *thump* *thump* FBI OPEN UP! *doors and windows blow up and rifles get fired rapidly*
by someunfunnyguy69 July 24, 2018
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